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Congratulations to Autumn Ridge GC in Winning the 44th Annual *FWGA Interclub Championship*

Pat Kelley / Johnny Strawser / Steve Vernasco

Kevin Irons / Jared McGinn

Due to the weather, only the first 12 holes for each player counted against par!

2014 Schedule

Aug 1 - Aug 3 City Tournament (Chestnut Hills)

"My love for this tournament, the FWGA, and the golfers in this great golf town runs very deep. The FWGA welcomed me as one of their own when I was reinstated into amateur golf and they did not have to do that. These 5 titles mean so much to me and to Holly, she has been the greatest “caddie” a man could have. I am so proud of my place in this tournament and humbled to be one of only 3 men, as of the time of this letter, to have won this Title 5 or more times." - Scott Pieri



Don't miss the 2014 FWGA Hall of Fame Induction of

Scott Pieri


Jim Joseph

Date: Saturday, August 2 Time: 7:30 PM

Where: Chestnut Hills GC

2014 Title Sponsor

of the FWGA

2014 President's Letter